Don’t Let Age Hold You Back

What does is take to be a success later in life? A while ago a story went around about Mrs Doreen Pechey who went from having had knee replacement to becoming a Grade 6 ballerina in the space of two years. In that time she also went down from a size 20 to a size 12 and is aiming for her next life goal – Grades 7 and 8. Doreen had wanted to study ballet as a child but during the 50’s it was too expensive, but now at the age of 61 she is fulfilling her dreams.

Some other amazing people are also showing us just what you can achieve while defying the expectations of age.:

  • At the age of 52 Alessandra Ferri is dancing with an image of herself at 19 in an advert for No7 Lift & Luminate.

  • Ronald Reagan became President of the USA aged 70.
  • Samuel Jackson a movie star at 46.
  • Julia Child had her first cooking show at 51.
  • Colonel Sanders was well over 60 when he hit it big with Kentucky fried chicken.
  • Charles Darwin published his revolutionary “On the Origin of Species” at 50.

The misconceptions of age and achievement is often negative, and any success is seen as surprising rather than the individual being just amazing. Growing older doesn’t automatically bring with it frailty or mental degradation.

Is there a common thread? Tenacity, focus sure, sometimes just holding on to a dream until the time comes to seize the opportunity, no matter how long it takes. The fact is that the only real connection I can see is that none of these people let others define what they could accomplish.

Bronnie Ware, wrote a blog about her observations during her time as a palliative nurse caring for the dieing. The blog post “Regrets of the Dying” became a book and both were shared extensively on social media. The summary for me, through her observations and life’s work was the number one regret of the dying;


“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”


If you want help to find the courage to realise your dreams, take that first step and call us.


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